Goodyear Hard Rubber Irrigating Syringe

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A rubber syringe made by Goodyear with a long curved attachment ending in a perforated ovoid bulb which was used to irrigate the post nasal space.

The neck of the syringe reads Goodyear 1851 IR Comb. Goodyear invented the process of combining sulphur with rubber at a high temperature a process which caused vulcanisation and produced “Vulcanite”. In the heated state the material remain malleable but on cooling it hardened which made it suitable for the wholesale manufacturing of various household items. He was granted a patent in 1844 which he protected in a number of legal suits which proved to be his downfall.

A similar instrument can be seen on Page 210 of George Tiemann’s 1889 American Armamentarium Chirurgicum (with thanks to Alex Peck for this pointer).

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