Silver Dental Mirror by Marmont

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A fine early 19th century dental mirror by Julien Marmont a Parisian dentist and poet from the Palais Royal.

A solid silver mirror in a long grain silk lined Moroccan leather case also containing a twisted silver tooth pic. On the back is inscribed ‘ Mirroir Ondontoscopique par Marmont Dentiste ‘ and on the side ‘ Perron Du Palais Royal No 7 ‘. The mirror and tooth pick both have the hare hallmark guaranteeing French silver between 1819-1838 and an unidentified makers mark.

In 1835 Marmont published ‘ L’ esthioménie procédé découvert depuis 1807 contre toutes les caries des dents ‘ promoting the destruction of caries by cauterization and various applications. The use of his mirror reflected his practice as one of the first advocates for the treatment and prevention of dental caries at a time when extraction was de rigueur.


Ext link: A Dentist-Poet from the Times of Charles X

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