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If you are interested in having an online presence for your antique medical pieces we can host your collection on Phisick.

There is an icon at the bottom of the left hand menu which which allows collections to selected and viewed separately. The default setting displays all pieces from all collections.

A textual reference (which is configurable) identifying the collection is automatically inserted at the end of each item page.

Individual collections or contributions have a separate section on the links page which allows site users to connect to them directly.

Contributors have full editorial control over the descriptions and retain copy-write of their images, but there are a number of considerations and requirements:

  1. Your area of interest must reflect antique medical, surgical, dental, apothecary or other medical specialty related objects. The underlying structure of categories and subcategories is flexible and can be changed to accommodate the needs of specialist collections.
  2. In order to publish an individual piece to a standard we need detailed information (list provided on request) which includes title, description, measurements etc etc) collected though a template form in the back office section of the site.
  3. The photography requires a minimum of 1000/750 pixels (in 4:3 ratio), on a white background (please ask if you need help with how to do this). One picture is for a list page which links to an item page which can contains as many pictures as needed and can also display in a light box.

There will be no initial fee but once beyond proof of concept, boarders will be asked to make a small shared contribution to the cost of a hosting service.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor and having your collection hosted on Phisick, please ask for information using the contact link on the toolbar (above)

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