Black Bile

  1. Published on November 17, 2011

The humour Black Bile was thought to be made in the spleen. It was attributed the qualities Cold and Dry, the season Autumn, the element Earth and the character Melancholic.

Melancholic Temperament

Heere Melancholy mufing in his fits.
Pale vifag’d, of complexion cold and drie,
All folitaire, at his ftudies fits,
Within a wood, devoid of companie;
Saue Madge the Owle, and melancholly Puffe,
Light-loathing Creatures, hatefull, ominous.

His mouth, in figne of filence, vp is bound,
For Melancholly loues not many wordes:
One foote on Cube is fixt vpon the ground,
The which, him plodding Conftancse affordes:
A fealed Purfe he beares, to fhew no vice,
So proper is to him, as Avarice.

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