1. Published on November 18, 2011

The dominant humour Blood was thought to be made in the liver. It was attributed the qualities Warm and Moist, the season Spring, the element Air and the character Sanguine.

Sanguine Temperament

The Airie Sanguine, in whole youthfull cheeke,
The Peftane Rofe, and Lilly doe contend;
By nature is benigne, and gentlie meeke,
To Mufick, and all merriment a frend;
As feemeth by his flowers and girlondes gay,
Wherewith he dightes him, all the merry May.

And by him browzing, of the climbing vine,
The luftfull Goste is feene, which may import,
His pronenes both to women, and to wine,
Bold, bounteous, frend vnto the learned fort;
For ftudies fit, beft louing and belou’d,
Faire-fpoken, bafhfull, feld in anger moou’d.

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