Body Mind and Soul

  1. Published on November 17, 2011

In the middle ages humoral theory became a framework of reference for developing science.

17th C emblem showing interrelations of the four elements in each corner

Attempts were made to explain alchemy, uroscopy, astrology and indeed all human knowledge of the time in this context.

What had started with quite modest principles escalated over the years into a theorum of labyrinthine complexity.

Humoral theory was not simply well established practice, it was literally taken as Gospel and had become a fundamental belief system in many cultures across the globe.

Beyond the unseen fundamental flaws there was a complex network of applied “knowledge” developed by generation after generation of men of learning. Through this birthright, and in society where medicine was juxtaposed with magic and religion, the humeral theory had become a central philosophy which governed body mind and soul.

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