1. Published on November 17, 2011

The humour Phlegm was thought to be made in the Brain and Lungs. It was attributed the qualities Cold and Moist, the season Winter, the element Water and the character Phlegmatic.

Phlegmatic Temperament

Heere Phlegme fits coughing on a Marble feate,
As Citie-vfurers before their dore:
Of Bodie groffe, not though exceffe of meate,
But of a Dropfie, he had got of yore:
His flothfull hand, in’s bosome ftill he keepes,
Drinkes, fpits, or nodding, in the Chimney fleeps.

Beneath his feete, there doth a Tortoife crall,
For flower pace, Sloth’s Hieroglyphick here,
For Phlegmatique, hates Labour moft of all,
As by his courfe araiment, may appeare:
Nor is he better furnifhed I find,
With Science, or the virtues of the mind.


Picture and poetry courtesy of Biblioteca Arcana

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