Yellow Bile

  1. Published on November 17, 2011

The humour Yellow Bile was thought to be made in the Gall Bladder. It was attributed the qualities Warm and Dry, the season Summer, the element Fire and the character Choleric.

Choleric Temperament

Next Choller ftandes, refembling moft the fire,
Of fwarthie yeallow, and a meager face;
With Sword a late, vnfheathed in his Ire:
Neere whom, there lies, within a little fpace,
A fterne ei’de Lion, and by him a fhield,
Charg’d with a flame, vpon a crimfon feild.

We paint him young, to fhew that paffions raigne,
The moft in heedles, and vnftaied youth:
That Lion fhowes, he feldome can refraine,
From cruell deede, devoide of gentle ruth:
Or hath perhaps, this beaft to him affign’d,
As bearing moft, the braue and bounteous mind.

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