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Below are some short articles on various topics, which will be added to over time. You can sort them by title or publish date, or filter them by clicking on a topic on the right.

Collecting Medical Antiques

Collecting medical paraphernalia can be a lot of fun. But what are the pros and cons?

Humoral Theory

… one of the oldest theories of Medicine proposed that our bodies were composed of four humours : black bile (melan chole), blood, phlegm and yellow bile

ABC: A History of Craniotomy

A look at the what, why, when and how of craniotomy, with some links for further reading.

“Breathing a Vein”

The bleeding of patients, practised since Babylonian times probably represents the most pervasive application of quackery in the history of medicine.

The Practice of Phisick

In the late 18th century with criminal cadavers in short supply, doctors turned a blind eye to grave robbing in order to obtain anatomical specimens.

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