18th Century Apothecary Kiln Tools

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A set of 5 antique apothecary tools dating to the 18th Century of Italian origin.

They include three instruments made from brass, a scoop, and two flat bladed shovels. A drop handled trowel marked IX centrally made from iron and a steel chisel like instrument with an end which has been hammered and a handle with a spiral curvilinear design.

The scoops, shovel and trowel all show signs of heat exposure and would have been used in a kiln or furnace. The chisel may have been used to separate vessels or products from the floor of a kiln. Many 18th century apothecaries would have been skilled in the preparation of medications, potions and ointments from their base chemical constituents and au fait with alchemy and kiln work. These tools came as part of a lot of good lot of 18th century medical and surgical instruments.

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