Anels Lachrymal Syringe

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A superb early 19th century Anel’s lachrymal syringe and “pipes” in hallmarked silver. The fine Moroccan leather fitted case has beautiful gold and textured embossed decoration and is lined with silk and velvet.

In 1713 Anel decribed the use of a silver syringe and canulae (“pipes”) for the diagnosis and treatment of lachrymal duct disese. The first drawing of this syringe circa 1745 are shown in the last picture. Over the following 200 years it has evolved into a smaller syringe with a single grip ring but one with a charactieristic form. During that time his syringe featured prominently in virtually all surgical instrument catalogues throughout Europe and America. Since the 1960s its use has declined with the declining dignosis of lachrymal fistulae and with the use of moderen non specific syringes for irrigation.


External Link: Dominique Anel and the Small Lachrymal Syringe by John Price


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