Antique Apothecary Jar Antimony Wine

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A 19th century clear glass smooth pontilled round with original stopper and a gilt label bordered in black and bronze ‘Vin Antim’

Anthony Dunn’s poem says of Antimony:

It is a poisoned chalice that we raise
– but as we toast each other’s healths, and chink
our fragile cups together, let us praise
the nation we’re creating with this drink,
as we beget a finer race of men and draft its customs with this alchemy –
eternal Friday nights of swirl and churn of wine and air in this antimony.

We sink a cup to purge what makes us sick,
and sketch out shapes of Empire on the floor,
in splash on spreading splash of pink on brick
and blanket; wine and bile. Landlord, one more!
One final shot to get under our skin
Sorry, gents, it’s time. Better out than in.


  • From the Phisick collection
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