Antique Knights Binaural Stethoscope Boxed

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A boxed Knight’s binaural stethoscope belonging to J W Dunn (1834-1886) a Civil War Union Army surgeon.

The Knight stethoscope is very similar to the Cammann but with a modified spring mechanism. This museum quality example made by Codman and Shurtleff comes in its original box with three detachable bells. The connecting pieces are silk wound, the bells and ear pieces made from gutta-percha. An old gutta-percha pessary is an addendum and has been used for support. The box has been painted black and carries the name of its owner J. W. Dunn, of Lamar Missouri. His public notice can be seen in the South-West Missourian paper of Thurs Aug 28, 1873 in the penultimate picture.

Dunn was a prestigious and well known surgeon of his time. An entry from St. Louis Medical and Surgical Journal, 1882 reads:

The Barton Medical Association meets monthly at Lamar Mo. The names of its officers for the coming year are as follows: J.W. Dunn, M.D., President; A.A. Dye, M.D., Vice President; T.H. Jones, M.D., Secretary; J.W. Speece, M.D., Treas.

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