Antique Methyl Chloride Apparatus by Mariaud

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A methyl chloride syphon set with spray attachments by Mariaud of Paris. Primarily used as a local anesthetic, it found a later use as a cryotherapy agent.

The leather bound syphon is marked with gilt capitalised letters ‘ Syphon A Chlorure De Methyle.  System Brass Bte S.G.D.G.  Societe centrale de produits chimiques
44, Rue Des Ecoles Paris ‘.  This is the mark of the maker and distributor and Mariaud would have been the Parisian retailer. Housed in a red baise lined fitted leather case with a brass carrying handle.

The solution kept under pressure was released in a jet through a narrow nozzle vapourising the methyl chloride which could be sprayed over the required area of skin. The rapid evaporation caused an instant cooling and freezing of the area resulting in the desired anaesthetic (later keratolytic) effect. See link to 1891 catalogue of Fontain, H (Maison) with a diagram of the same syphon and further details on its application and use.

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