Antique Obstetric Roll by Holzhauer

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A fine roll of obstetric destructive instruments by W Holzhauer of Marburg from the turn of the century. There are seven instruments in total. The instruments are held in a lined canvas roll with a central leather support with the original ties are present.

An obstetric forceps (signed Holzhauer), Kehrer’s Cranioclast (signed Holzhauer), blue steeled blunt hook, a rare ebony handled Leisnisch Kiewisch perforator, the European precursor to Trueheart’s Trephine perforator (signed Holzhauer), a Naegele’s snapcatch perforator (signed Holzhauer), a pair of curved serrated placenta forceps (signed Grunewald) and Boer’s craniotomy forceps (signed Holzhauer).


  • From the Phisick collection
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