Apothecary Writing Case by Allen & Hanburys

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A portable writing case from the late 19th or early 20th century with which a chemist, apothecary or doctor would have issued scripts. The case is made from high quality stitched leather. On the front the brass escutcheon holds the original key in a fully functioning lock mechanism.

On the back there is a leather carrying handle. The inside is lined with cedar and has two storage compartments with lids and finger holes and a third container which holds a fitted ink jar with a brass screw on lid. The lid of the case is lined with fine leather and embossed in gold lettering “Allen and Hanburys London”. Allen and Hanbury were in business in East London from 1715. They moved to Wigmore Street in 1870 and were taken over by Escham Bors and Walsh in the 1970s.

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