Artificial Eye by Dr Parent 1880s

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The debut presentation set of eminent 19th century French ophthalmologist Dr Parent.

The set is inscribed on the box “P Gygax a son ami A Antonelli”, both of whom were well known contemporary ophthalmologists in their own right. It is likely that Parent knew them both and that this presentation would have been a special occasion for all three of them, being a gift from one to the other, but also Parent’s introduction of his new eye to the profession.

This superb example of his artificial eye is brought to life by a four page letter hand written by Parent himself. (See English translation).  The instrument is in pristine condition with a full complement of attachments. The three hand painted retinae each have their own glass cover and look as fresh today as they would have done over 130 years ago.


  • From the Phisick collection
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