Bourne Taylor’s Manifold Respirator

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Following Julius Jeffreys invention in 1936 the respirator, intended to warm inhaled air and protect against pollution and disease became popular in Victorian Britain.

A high quality circa 1870 respirator. The main section of the mask consists of a single gold plated mesh which is padded with purple velvet to fit around the mouth. Within the mask there are two further double layered gold plated meshes which can be insert one on top of the other. Housed in its original Moroccan leather fitted case with gold embossed lettering on the lid which reads “Bourne & Taylor’s Manifold Respirator London.

The “Chemist & Druggist Diary” in 1879 lists a number of different respirators for sale ranging from a “shilling respirator” to 10 shillings and sixpence for the “manifold respirator of variable power”.

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