Collapsible Obstetric Forceps by Pajot

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A rare pair of mid 19th century collapsible obstetric forceps by Pajot.

Das quotes “Long forceps of the Levret type with modified handles and blades” …”the extremity of the left handle turns up exposing a sharp perforator” and more. “Pajot’s jointed forceps resemble Charriere’s but have at one extremity of the handle a blunt hook, at the other a thread of silk terminated by a leaden ball for the purpose of embryotomy, as recommended by the inventor” and …. “Pajot realised the forceps were too long and attempted to make them less cumbersome. To solve the problem he had the branches folded. Other authors had the same idea but were not successful in producing an instrument rigid enough to be useful”

  • From the Phisick collection
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