Colombat Trachelectomy Device

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A rare gynaecological instrument used for cervicectomy (removal of the cervix). Crafted by the renowned Parisian cutler Charriere to the highest standard from german silver, ebony and steel.

The intricate mechanism has been beautifully engineered. The pincer blades anchor the body of the cervix and can be opened and closed by pulling the button at the base of the handles. The blade would then be moved into position by sliding the frame up or down the central shaft. It is held away from the body of the cervix by a strong spring which when released pushes the cutting edge of the blade into the cervix. The blade can then be rotated to resect circumferentially, using the pincer arms as a solid surface against which to cut. This is one of the earliest examples of an instrument used specifically for the surgical treatment of cervical cancer.

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