French Montgolfier Apothecary Jars

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Set of three superb quality Parisian porcelain apothecary jars from the late 19th C showing beautiful commemorative decorations of Montgolfier airship flights.

“MENTHA”. “Airship of Dr. Jonatham at the village of Dessesse brugue ‘Pay de Galles’ (?Wales) after having traversed 20 miles out and returned on December 22, 1794”. “PAPAVER”. “First flight of Mr. Pilâtre de Rozier on November 21, 1783”. “EUCALYPTUS”. “Arrival at the good town of Paris of the airship Majesty Louis XVIII – King de France and of Navarre on May 4, 1814”. Each base marked “MIELLES Apothicaire a Bordeaux”. Perfect condition.

  • From the Phisick collection
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