Gynaecology Instrument Set (1886)

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A fine O&G instrument set by G Schmid Stuttgard in its original velvet lined leather bag. Three rare vaginal specula, Ferguson’s with internal mirror finish, Ricord’s bi-valve with ebony handles ¬†and a tri-valve Segala and introducer (the last two are signed Charriere).

Also a lovely bakelite monaural stethoscope, an ebony and ivory blunt hook, a Simpson’s perforator and rubber handled Obs forceps (the perforator and forceps are signed Wickert [Munchen]). There is an original folded chemists prescription by Dr Hiller, dated 1st Feb 1886 with two sachets containing their original powdered camphor (which was often laced with opium).

  • From the Phisick collection
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