Ivory Conversation Tube by Hawksley & Sons

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A rare silk and ivory conversation tube by Hawksley from the early 20th century. The tubing is made from finely woven brown silk decorated with a blue spiral line.

The ear piece and the bell are both carved from ivory and the bell is marked ‘Hawksley and Sons London’.  The piece comes with a receipt from Hawksley & Sons Ltd 357 Oxford Street to Mrs Friedberg of 4 Golden Lane E6 dated 18.10.1920  which lists Dec 9th 1918 “Repairing Conversation Tube” cost 3 and 6. August 20th  1920 “1 Conversation Tube A.213 Silk” cost £8 10 shillings (presumably this  piece) and also two other entries relating to repairs to conversation tube A.213.

  • From the Phisick collection
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