Oxydonor Victory by Hercule Sanche

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The Oxydonor Victory invented and made by Dr Hercules Sanche of Detroit Michegan and patented June the 24th in 1890.

A remarkable instrument of quackery “To cure all form of Disease quickly, intangibly, pleasantly, infallibly, during sleep or while awake; and to brace the human system in all conditions, with Animation never known and not otherwise attained, whether in Disease of Debility, or in Fatique, and in all Physical and Mental Ordeals”.

The user was required to place the central metal tube or “Vocor” in a jar of iced water and then attach the the contact disk “on the Naked Ankle of the Lady shown in the cut” (see picture) until better! The colder the water the better the cure. The original box has some wear but the Oxydonor is unusually complete with ornately engraved Vocor and outer metal casing and the original cord, buckle and contact disc, along with the 114 page instruction manual.

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