Pulvermacher’s Galvano-Electric Chain Belt

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Pulvermacher’s medical hydro-electric chains complete with two 60 link belts, two handles and sponges in the original leather box with  a 32 page booklet with instructions and testimonials.

Pulvermacher a physicist from Vienna first published details of his chain in 1850 in Germany shortly before coming to England for its promotion. Although initially support by some of the queen’s physicians it fell from grace and was widely regarded by the medical profession as quackery. Despite this the belt remained popular in the late 19th century with the fashion of galvanism and electrotherapy as a cure-all for pain and rheumatism. The inherent voltaic battery was activated by drawing the belt through a vinegar solution.

Charles Dickens was a prospective client and wrote on the  3rd June, 1870 to Messrs. Pulvermacher and Co. asking to try a Voltaic Band across his right foot for neuralgia. He died on the 8th June, almost certainly without having tried the band.

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