Sir Francis Cruise Sphygmometer

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A rare early 20th century “Sphygmometer de Sir Francis R Cruise” made by Collin who was a well know French instrument maker. Cruise’s instrument used an anaeroid manometer to demonstrate the blood pressure.

The instrument was held vertically over the supinated wrist by the red Bakelite handle between thumb and forefinger. The lower end of the manometer would be placed on a bulb over the radial pulse. Pressure downwards through the handle was measured on the dial and the reading would be taken at the point at which the radial pulse disappeared.

Sir Francis Richard Cruise (1835-1912) a famous Irish Surgeon ranks among the good and great of the medical profession and was also known for inventing the endoscope. A literary scholar, he published a biography of Thomas a Kempis and a translation of his work On The Imitation Of Christ. He was an excellent rifle shot and a proficient cellist. King Edward VII appointed Cruise as his physician-in-ordinary in Ireland and in 1905 the Pope conferred on him a knighthood of St. Gregory

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