Tiemann’s Oblique Cutting Scarificator

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A rare and early example of Tiemann’s oblique cutting scarificator with horn handle in its original box. The blades are curved in two dimensions which was said to produce more copious bleeding.

The scarification is primed by pulling the screw at the end of the handle and released by pressing the trigger on the dorsal aspect of the handle. The depth of the cut is altered by the central screw on the body. Marked “G Tiemanns patent. 20 Oct 1846”. As shown in figure 1650 P 115 of Tiemann’s American Armemantarium Chirurgicum. There is also a picture of a later version on P 99 of “American Surgical Instruments” by James Edmonson.

Int link: Tiemann oblique cutting scarificator patent

  • From the Ishmael collection
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