Trouse De Reeducation De L’Ouie L’Aurivibril

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L’Aurivibril a Belgian cased ear trumpet and ear re-education device.

The advert was published in the 10th July 1927 edition of t Getrouwe Maldeghem. Thanks to Bart De Geeter for his help with the translation:

‘Deaf, hard of hearing, half deaf? Fear no more. Your disheartening loss can be overcome without drugs, without pain, without surgical treatment, without affecting your work with the remarkable invention of the “L’aurivibril” ear prosthesis. SGDG. First successfully tested by numerous physicians affected by deathness, before being offered to the public. We are so confident in the product that you will receive a consultation FREE OF CHARGE during the month of July, from 9.30 at:

GHENT, Fri 15, Hotel de Termonde. (Opposite South Ghent) ask porter.
BRUGES. Saturday 16, Hotel Courtrai, Statieplaats S (up to 2 hours)
KORTRIJK, Monday 18, Hotel des Flandres, 5, Statieplaats.

P.S. – Aurivibril itself will also hold free consultations in Brussels, General Gatrystraat 9, on appointment’

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