Zello-Punkt Nasal Correction Device

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A remarkable contraption designed to correct nasal deformity or septal deviation. These devices were completely ineffective (of course) and had only a brief window of popularity in Germany and France in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The metal device was held in position over the head and nose with an elasticated band and the screws were then tightened so as, in theory, to correct any deviation from the midline. A rather beautifully engraved and and attractive little folly from medical history in its original faux snakeskin box,

“What man with a crooked nose would not want to be able to go to bed in the evening, put on a compression device and wake the next morning with a straight nose, without anesthesia, surgery, pain and expense. With similar aims over the last 100 years, the company Zello with its “universal nose shaper” has brought their product “Zello-Punkt” to the market.”

The invention was patented in 1894.

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