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Collectors not hosted by Phisick

  • American Civil War, Surgical and Medical Antiques
    Doug Arbittier's breathtaking collection of bleeding and surgical instruments is housed in a veritable Aladdin's cave.

  • Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts
    Donald Blaufox's site is a beacon. Unparalleled in breadth, depth and quality of the extensively referenced artefacts and in design

  • Collect Medical Antiques
    Bob Greenspan is a nephrologist in Washington with one of the best collection of medical antiques in the world

  • Civil War Surgery
    Michael Echols gives a fantastic insight into collecting civil war medical antiques

  • Medical and Surgical Instruments
    Gianfranco Rocchini's considerable medical collection is a hidden treasure within the main site on Fossil inclusions.

  • All Lancets
    A great site by Tom Yarborough with an amazing collection of lancets and various bleeding instruments

  • Medical Antiques Online
    An exceptional collection of antique stethoscopes and articles detailing their history started by Eric Rackow

  • Antique Medical Instruments
    Natan Schleider's neat site showcases medical, dental, apothecary cabinets & chests, and civil war medical and surgical instruments

  • Accoucheur’s Antiques
    A fine collection of obstetric antiques and a flagship reference site for these and gynaecological instruments

  • Antique Dental instruments
    A superb dental collection by Dr. Gregory Ribitzky. Written in Hebrew, but the pictures speak for themselves

  • Ear Trumpets
    A wonderful private collection of antique ear trumpets which has been put together by Myk Briggs

  • Clystere
    A great French web site by Jean-Pierre Martin who has started a useful database of instrument makers and a regular newsletter.

  • O’Brien Healthworks
    A world class collection of blood pressure monitoring devices by Uwe Deigel and Prof Eoin O'Brien

  • Eye Antiques & Collectibles
    Gary Edwards hosts a comprehensive site with sections on ophthalmoscopes, eye surgery, antique glasses etc.

  • Noah Collectables
    A fine site by Andy Relf with sections on various instruments and books. All well researched and nicely photographed.

  • Inhalatorium
    A super collection of inhalers and asthma therapies by Mark Sanders

  • Medizinhistorisches Museum
    A superb collection from Luxembourg by Dr. Henri Kugener with informative commentary and useful historical references

  • Medizinhistorie
    A great selection of O&G instruments by Prof Gunter Köhler of the University Hospital in Greifswald.

  • L’art Dentaire
    A terrific French resource with pictures of rare dental antiques from a variety of collections

  • CircCentral
    A great site with a good collection of Jewish circumcision instruments by urologist Rob Lehrer

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